Februari 03, 2017

A Reveal of Passion

In one fine day, i was into a conversation that made me thought 'What's my passion?'

I try to figure out in some of my hobbies, my favourite, and then I found out that like too many things not defining what's your passion.

I googled the passion on wiki
Passion (from the Greek verb πασχω meaning to suffer) is a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something.

My sister added, "You know the feeling that you will fight with everyone who against what you're believe into. In many term, it's okay for not get paid but you still with it, love it, and do it. And often the life brings you in many new experiences that you never thought.

I gave myself some days to think over and over again, did some personality tests and myself found out that: - I always enjoy doing MC - I didn't know since when, but I maintain my confidence year by year since I was child and I remembered my first task for leading kids event, was accompanied by an adult. Aften then, I led some events when I was in senior high school, college, organization and then my first event as professional was a sweet seventeen birthday party, the client i really didn't know and turned out that she knew me from my friend that did a make-up for her (it's in 2015).
Event by event came to me and honestly I was always excited when people asked me to be their MC because I always thought that it'd be a new challenge for me with many kind of: client, their requests, party, places, and my heart always into every party where I always think about to make the event succeed and ya, can't explain more into the words.

So, it has been 2 years for me for being professional and I share you some pictures during the event (just some from 2016 events)
Take your time over the thoughts, explore more of talents, and learn how yourself works plus prayer; I wish that whoever read this find your passion and gonna work wholeheartedly to it
Ananda School Graduation 2016

BCS Mall Anniversary 2016

Kartini Day 2016
Eugene's Birthday 

Lifehu Christmas Celebration

Mei 14, 2016

Sister's Birthday

So this post is a latepost and i think some of posts in future will be 'latepost-post' too.

Few days before her birthday, i asked her for replacement my money that she used for buying new helmet, and sadly she said "Jo, no need to replace ya. Just thought it as my birthday present". I laughed in my heart and i still forced her to pay. I thought, i was a good idea too without asking her what she wanted.

And came to the DAY, but it's enough hard for preparing things, because we're working in same place so hard for me to do the things without she would know. But i still had my chance. Then I prepared a card and printed 'the gifts' in coupon paper. Unfortunately, at the day, i got a messages telling that one of my school-mate had died. So, i cancelled the dinner with my sister and went visitting my friend.

Then, the day after, i went to a cafe and asked for reserved, telling that i wanted to make a lil decoration, too and GOODLY the cafe owner said yes directly and then i left for picking up my sister from school. She didn't expect it and YAY! It's SURPRISED!

Voucher GIFTS!
So, i gave her 4 voucher gifts. First, the helmet that she wanted much, second, a supposed to be dinner, but it's lunch birthday, three was optionals which she needed to choose one from two i offered. She decided with buying sweatshirt from her favourite online shop :) I think I'm getting better for this kind of Event Organizer (everything start from the smallest thing, right?) because she really like what i prepared.

At least, I wanna say Happy Birthday for my dearest sister who like my soulmate and she's such taken big portion in  my life and I'm grateful for that. I wish God will always use her wherever she is with talents that has given to her for His glory :)

Lovely Sister

April 06, 2016

Christmas 2015

It's been a long time since the last time i posted blog. I know, it's kinda so late but still, ya, i want to post it.
In December 2015, i went to Singapore with some siblings for celebrating christmas there, watched drama production that held by City Harvest Church Singapore.

Singapore, Dec 19th 2015
Every Christmas, City Harvest Church (CHC) will produce drama that i will really like, because they make the production feels so real with all supporting system, such as lighting, sound effect, decoration, and etc.  And here we were, after christmas service, in Church-Lounge for more celebration

Met our friend, Zack, that doing Photograph Service

Many Spots for Goodness Feed :)

#AntiMainstream Shoot in PhotoBooth

One of the highlight
Because of bad internet connection in our hostel (i sent comment in my friend's IG, Yin, but still not get replied), plus we're in rushing time chasing service-time, so with our limited knowledge, we went to Suntec City Mall that we knew CHC located. We went up and down level to find the location, asked the information, and we're getting closer to be late, 15 min to go. Then we decided to go out from the mall, crossed the street, and WHO I SAW? I SAW YIN! YA, IT'S YIN! Felt MIRACLE happened in SO RIGHT TIME! Yin just finished the service and on the way her back. SO HAPPY!!!! So, Yin acoompanied us to the RIGHT CHC was, that in fact that Suntec City Mall has more than one building! And it's 5 min to go before the service started and even we sat in row number 3 from front with Yin's help! THANK YOU SO MUCH YIN! After taking picture together, Yin left for another business.

Then we decided for walking night in the Orchard Road that always trend with their christmas decoration along the street. Watched street performance, took pictures and went hostel before MRT time's over. Because too enjoyed the performances, we forgot our dinner, so ended up with instant noodle that we brought from Batam in our hostel.

Singapore, Dec 20th 2015
We decided to take some video shot for our dancers near our hostel that located in Little India, then going to Bugis for lunch, visitted grafitti famous wall in Haji Lane, Arab Street, back to hostel for taking our bags then going back to Batam

Bras Basah

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Arab Street

Haji Lane

Haji Lane

So, i really had wonderful time during christmas celebration. Even we're just six, not as many as last year, but still too fun to be missed, and C U in the next trip!!!!